What is BIG?
BIG is what any small thing becomes naturally. Once small things get as big as they can possibly get, they diminish back to small and start a new journey by evolving. BIG is a befitting name and acronym for our organisation as it reflects this journey.  You have to accept what your manifestation in this illusion we share call life is, so I accept that I am black but not as in the colour as so many mistakenly think.  You see if you were to line up various objects you considered to be a particular colour, lets take black for instance, you would easily find that what you may have believed to be the darkest would appear white against another much, much darker object.  So, I accept to be black in the sense of the state of supreme darkness before light existed. BIG is an acronym for (Business Investment Group) and since we focus on our community first, BBIG stands for (Black Business Investment Group) as well as what we help individual and groups become.  We help people with ideas, businesses and startups to become as big in all ways as they can possibly be to enable them to evolve to bigger and better things, experiences and further journeys.

Why did you start BIG?
BIG evolved and manifested through me whilst meditating one day.  You see, thought is the most powerful force in the universe which itself evolves through the omni-verse, multi-verse, tri-verse, dual-verse etc.  You see, contrary to popular belief our thoughts are actually not our own, but shared from the mental reservoir.  They too are on their own journeys and have been on these journeys since what most would term the beginning of time and will travel through all that are vibrating on the same resonant frequency at that particular moment or better yet instance. It is how we res-pawn (respond) to that vibration that manifest whatever we share with others.  My mentor says that “the problem with people is that they don’t think.”  In my experience, this is so true, most people spend far too much time talking and do not take time out to listen in solitude.  I had been thinking and asking our ancestors for a solution to solve the many problems and issues our community face daily as I realised nobody was going to do it for us unless we did it ourself. The answer I received was so simple, 90% of our problems would easily be solved with finance.  The other 10% which mainly dealt with spirituality, culture, divisions, esoteric stuff and things of that nature would easily be solved once we solved the 90%.  Our main issue was economics.  Furthermore, we could actually solve all our problems in 1 day! If we could get 1 million people to put £1 together in one minute we could raise a million pounds in in one minute! We could then use this amount to flip over and over again and repeat the process, investing and running projects to provide and benefit our community in all ways.  BIG manifested to help solve our economic problems.

What motivates you to serve the community?
It is our duty to provide solutions to solve our problems, not rely or expect anyone else to do it for us.  Why should they?  Especially if they don’t value you.  We have to do for self. The unfairness and injustices we see everyday perpetrated against our people compels me to do something about the situation.  I have an innate calling deep within my soul to do my part in helping to bring about better conditions for not only my people, but the community, the planet and the world.  You have two main positions.  One is being a part of the problem and the other is being a part of the solution.  I chose to be a part of the solution.  Like they say “Birds of a feather flock together”  Like minded people will naturally gravitate together.  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  These principals transcend all races and genders.  I basically subscribe to treating people the way you would like to be treated so I am motivated by situations and people who believe in making good people better.   In other words I am motivated by success which of course in my view is the realisation of worthy ideals.

You do a lot of community projects why?
One has to lead by example and one has to interact with the community they serve to be effective and being in the frontline is the best way in my opinion to be close to issues you want to effect change.  Simply put, there are many issues within our community therefore lots of projects are needed to tackle them. The best way too tackle a huge problem is to dissect it into manageable chunks.  Divide and conquer.

Who is Dr Jude Joseph?
A vessel being utilised as a part of the cosmos, a mere piece in the puzzle of natural nature to effect positive change wherever required and necessary working with like-minded entities. A doctor is one who administers the right medicine for a cure.  I do my part in healing a sick world which starts with healing those I come in contact with who are sick.

What empowers and motivates Dr Joseph?
My mentors and positive change in people places and things and ultimately the fact that balance rules over chaos.  Seeing transformation or a turnaround in people or situations thought to be doomed or impossible to change for the better defy such beliefs.  The joy and happiness displayed by overcoming obstacles which stood in the way of progress motivates me.  For example seeing a young person who because of circumstances or false indoctrination of hopelessness and doomed for failure turn their life around by tapping into their hidden potential to find a way out and find purpose in their existence, become successful against all odds because of energy infused in them motivates me tremendously.

Why do you support and invest in ThinkTank720?
I support TT720 because it is a part of the solution, not the problem.  The aspirations of TT720 are noble with synergies aligned with mine.  An organised entity with the finest minds with an ethos where knowledge and action meet is definitely one which I support.  Many talk but do very little whereas TT720 aims to do more than talk, something I acknowledge wholeheartedly.  A mechanism with a controlled environment for solving problems in our community is needed and TT720 fills this gap.

Who are your mentors?
Without a doubt my greatest mentor is Dr Malachi Z. K. York.  The Master Teacher.  The teacher of teachers, author of over a thousand books on every conceivable subject, but most of all one who leads by example and implementation of solutions not just regurgitating or recycling the same things that have been said or done many times before but actually coming with something new.  There are others off course who have contributed and paved the way including people such as Noble Drew Ali, The Honourable Elijah Muhammad, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X,  Martin Luther King, many african leaders and many, many, more including everyday people living today who hold strong to the principals of love, harmony and unity of humanity.  Those who make a difference everyday by not giving up and doing their best to not only be the best that they can be but help others to be the best that they can be too, making good people better.

Any advice for young people?
Definitely.  Always remember that you are the future.  Remember that with each generation they must be advancement and improvement from the previous generation.  Your children should achieve more than you did and theirs more than them and so on.  Young people should recognise that they are part of  a long strand of DNA which is already encoded with everything they need for success.  All they have to do is tap into the right source. Mixing over time from various foreign entities has contaminated them in some way and if they do not recognise or override the negative forces which lay dormant within them, they can be easily led astray.  Young people must try to exercise patience and do not fall victim to the instant gratification of life-gains heavily promoted by mainstream media.  Things of value naturally take time to mature and bare fruit.  You cannot put a seed in the ground today and harvest immediately or tomorrow.  Many elements play a significant part in nurturing the seed. The earth, water, air, sun etc. all have a part to play. The same principals should apply to young people.  Like the saying goes ‘It takes a village to raise a child”  we must all play a part in nurturing our young people to become responsible and productive adults who are part of the solution and not the problem.  It is crucial that young people gain and acquire knowledge and decide early on in life what they want to do with their life and start perfecting their craft early on in life.  Young people must strive for careers not jobs and must be the leaders, producers and not followers or consumers only.  Young people should learn to respect those who respect them and value the jewels they can obtain from wise elders.