BLACK MALE ROLE MODELS: Lea South – What is the Salam Project?

What is the Salam Project? The Salam Project is a BME youth and community initiative (and social enterprise) that aims to challenge issues of BME Youth unemployment, gang crime, extremism & radicalisation Why did you start the project? Due to my nephew and close friends getting stabbed, getting imprisoned and someone tried to recruit them to a so called extremist [...]

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on the 9 of the 7th 2017, different professionals from an ethnic back ground gathered for a first think tank 720 meeting. The aim was to gather information on how to mobilising and use their professional skills together within the minority communities and social enterprise, organising workshops , seminars, events within think tank 720 that can organise professional experiences and [...]

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BLACK MALE ROLE MODELS: Dr Feyi Ogunade – What’s AU Watch?

Name: Feyi Ogunade   What do you do? Feyi is a journalist, human rights lawyer and lecturer of law and international relations. He is Chief Executive and Co-Founder of AU Watch - an African international development and human rights organisation.       Why did you start doing it? “There is this one thing that I never ever want to [...]

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BLACK MALE ROLE MODELS: Dr Jude Joseph – What’s BIG?

  What is BIG? BIG is what any small thing becomes naturally. Once small things get as big as they can possibly get, they diminish back to small and start a new journey by evolving. BIG is a befitting name and acronym for our organisation as it reflects this journey.  You have to accept what your manifestation in this illusion [...]

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