Influencing Policies

At TT720 we believe that Influencing Policies is important to meet our needs as communities. We aim to influence policies where those policies do not meet our needs; for example, where, People are not receiving the health care they need. People are not being treated fairly (e.g., People with disabilities do not have access to public places). Resources are distributed unfairly (e.g., Educational services are more limited in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty). Current policies or laws are not enforced or effective (e.g., The current laws on clean water are neither enforced nor effective). Proposed changes in policies or laws would be harmful (e.g., A plan to eliminate flextime in a large business would reduce parents’ ability to be with their children). Existing or emerging conditions pose a threat to public health, safety, education, or well-being. To name a few, the objective is to ensure that our needs are being meet and implemented in the way and using the rightful channels that will rich all the ethnic groups, regardless of gender, creed, and disabilities.