on the 9 of the 7th 2017, different professionals from an ethnic back ground gathered for a first think tank 720 meeting. The aim was to gather information on how to mobilising and use their professional skills together within the minority communities and social enterprise, organising workshops , seminars, events within think tank 720 that can organise professional experiences and expertise’s under one umbrella.

The meeting entailed a Round Table discussion on challenging Gang Crime (gun & knives) / Saving Our Youth meet up at Tudor Rose (west London) recently organised by Caroline Namugabi Founder of the Thinktank720 ( formally known as psychological think tank 360), and Ismael Lea South . Attended by Nana of Access UK, Taniya Hussain, Raskin from Sunlight Education (Save Our Boys) Ursula of The Tudor Rose Foundation, The Prince’s Trust BME youth ambassador Limdun Ali, Jude from BIG and many others to name a few.


Taniya Hussain (Wandsworth YOT) expressed her own views as a professional social worker over two decades. Reporting that, She can see the increasing cause of gun crime and reports that in her view the main cause being this Neo- liberal ideology and policies that has dominated the way politicians with greed, corruption and selfishness. reporting that, this neo-liberalism leads to hopelessness which I believe heavily fills the vicious cycle of fear, mistrust and helplessness; I come with two decades of experience within the criminal justice system which is slow to change and depressingly repeating the same statics.

The over rated presentation black minority youths in the criminal justice system ect, the system reflects the systematic flaws in this area of neo- liberalism and reinforces flaws of inequality produced by neo-liberalism, which produces racism, classism. It also re-produces the three evils named by Dr Martin Luther king (in his famous liver side speech) which were Racism, Materialism, and Militarism , these tree evils are inter-linked and interact with each other.

Nana of Access UK (Youth unemployment ) also informs that youth unemployment is high within ethnic minority, he indicates that, Access UK aims to fight this by working with different organisations both within the ethnic community and the local governments. On the table charities such as the Nicholas Stewart Project run by Mrs Jennifer Beckford (started after the loss of her son) expressed the importance of the community support and ensuring that justice prevails.

There where many more individuals and organisations on the Round Table such as save our boys run by Rakin Fetuga to name a few who express the need for us to have a supportive community ethnic system such as THINKTANK720 to support and help communities , organisations , professionals and charities. The evening rounded up with a positive out look and a planned way forward.
THINKTANK720 team would like to thank everyone that came and to continue to support the think tank.

Article written by Caroline Namugabi : Psychologist/ Mc Kenzie Friend at Law : Multiple award winner / Founder THINKTANK720/Founder Uganda Youth Forum UK / Founder Memory Lane Psychological Services: Email psychologicalthinktank360@gmail.com
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